The world is changing, and most people are starting to adopt new ways of doing things, like acquiring an education. People are busy, and classroom time is limited, so learners have opted for online classes. I have received questions on online insurance broker training requirements which is why I prepared this article.

Education requirements

A high school leaving or GCSE certificate is required to join the online insurance broker training. Furthermore, in GCSE, you have between levels 9-4, whereas in KCSE, you should have a mean grade of A-C and have the same qualities in mathematics and English.


It is an online class and thus requires an internet connection to access it. You can buy data bundles, install Earth net connection to your house and connect to your device using a wire, or buy Wi-Fi.

Computer, smartphone or both

Depending on the net connection you have, a computer, laptop, or smartphone will come in handy. Data bundles only suit a smartphone or earth net to a computer or laptop, while Wi-Fi is suitable for either device.

A few hours a week

Depending on the hour requirements per week of your insurance broker training course, you must free your schedule to cover the specified time. However, some courses are not so demanding, and the instructors uploads notes and video for the learners that they can watch at any time.

Go with the flow

If a course indicates that all learners should have handed in assignments after one month of enrolling, you should adhere to that. If the period ends in 3 months, commit yourself to covering the syllabus FP Canada CE Course.

Following instructions

One of the downsides to taking your insurance broker license online is falling trap of thinking that it’s not a regular class with rules and instructions to be followed. It is not for you if you feel you can’t take the course seriously.

Communication skills

Unlike a classroom class where you can enquire from colleagues and instructors, communication in an online course is not straightforward. You may want to ask or clarify something, but the chat agent needs to be online. Or, you may write, and your wording needs to be understood, so excellent communication skills are essential.

Marketing skills

I presume that your need for taking the insurance broker training is to be an insurance broker in the future, right? The critical character to becoming a successful insurance broker is marketing skills. How well can you market your company? How well can you convince others that your services are the best among numerous competitors? Avoid taking any insurance broker training course if you generally cannot sell anything.

In summary, online insurance broker training requirements are somehow basic to any online course, but in this, marketing is a must to see fruition.