For the tool to be important, it has to have high-quality features. Viking arm tool sells itself because of its quality features. This tool is a unique and professional tool for everyone. It is a multi-function tool and saves a lot of time because it is a one-person handheld tool. 

Below are the features of the Viking arm tool. 

Strong and Durable 

The Viking arm is made up of stainless steel. The steel is hardened and added with aluminum. It is a great feature to consider that it will do serve longer because it is strong. 

A strong tool assures you of a quality and every work will be tackled. Also, it saves time and money of going back to the market to look for a new one. 

Magnificent Capacity to Compact Hard Tools 

The tool weighs 1.4kg and has a capacity of one hundred and fifty kilograms. Its lightweight makes it portable. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere. 

This capacity allows it to lift a wide range of heavy objects. It is capable of lifting cabinets and other heavy machines with ease. No straining or getting pressure when using the tool. Thus, making work simple and easier. 

Inspires Creativity and Innovation. 

One can be creative using the Viking arm tool. It allows you to do a wide range of jobs with this one tool. Therefore, it helps in learning new technics. It is a tool for everyone because it is easier to use. 

Increases Productivity 

It is a tool with a wide range of jobs. It is a one-person tool thus, reducing the number of labor. Therefore, it saves money and increases productivity. When one tool holds several jobs, it saves time as time is money hence increasing productivity. 

High-Quality Tool 

It has the highest quality component. Being quality there is no job frustration. Jobs are done smoothly and come out professionally done. 

Multiple Purposes 

The Viking arm tool can do multiple jobs such as lifting, installing, tightening, pressing, and control accurately.  

Mounting Holes 

The holes are for safe operation. 

Innovative Universal Tool 

It is a tool that can give a wide range of new ideas and creativity as well. The tool is unique and has substituted the traditional use of several tools. Therefore, the more you use it the more you acquire new ideas on its use. 

Viking Arm Tool Base 

It has a standard base that measures 5mm by 105mm by 87mm and an operational base hardened by carbon steel that measures 3mm by 77mm by 62mm. 

Manufacturer of the Tool  

The told is manufactured and designed in Norway. It is extensively tested by FIMTECH a machinery manufacturing industry in Norway. 

Patent Technical Solution 

The tool is a patented product and the international patent application has protected the Viking Arm tool. Therefore, Viking Arm AS has the right of ownership and marketing. 

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