Electric fences can be used to keep off bears from your property, thus avoiding any conflicts with them. This will help eliminate the risk of losing life, either of human beings or animals that may occur in such scenarios. As the bears feed on roots, berries, fish, and other types of human food, this will also prevent them from destroying your crops and fish, if you have some.  Sometimes bears can engage in lethal fights with dogs, and this can often lead to the loss of a pet. Electric fences are not made to kill but to cause momentary pain that will make the animal or pet to move away from the fenced zone. To allow the victims a chance to get away, electric signals are sent through the fences in intervals of one or two seconds. This makes sure that in any case your domestic animals, pets and other people are not killed by the fence if they touch it. If you’re tired of having your property and livestock destroyed by bears, we are here for you. Our company will help you sort out your electric fence needs in time and at a fair price.  

Types of fencing  

Permanent electric fences. These can be used in areas around game parks and national reserves. The population of bears has been growing and oftentimes, due to competition for food, some will encroach human dwellings to find food. Bears are quite gritty and witty scavengers that can get hazardous and destructive when hungry. They will want to eat anything that is available, therefore, the most convenient way to keep them off your property is erecting a permanent fence, as the threat is there to stay. 

Temporary/portable electric fences fast fence portable . This type of fencing can be used to gain control over an area of interest during a short period of time. At times you may want to go camping for a few weeks or a month near or in forests where bears pose a problem. This type of fencing comes in handy, since you can fold it and easily transport it to and from your camping site.  These fences can also be used to secure grain bins and fish pods in case there are marauding bears near them. 

AC fencing. In this case the AC charger needs to be connected to an electric power outlet. The power going through the fence from an AC connection tends to be higher than the case where DC power or solar is used. It can also cater for longer fences or more lines than any other options, making it the choice to go with for those in need of large scale fencing. These are also less costly to install. 

DC fencing. DC-powered electric fences can be used where and/or when there is no electric power. This is done by connecting a battery of between 6 volts to 12 volts to the fence to make it hot.  

Solar power fencing. This method can also be used in areas that are off the grid. This can be done by installing a number of solar panels of between 40 watts to 100 watts at different positions in the property.  


For all these and other offers, you can liaise with us and do away with the threat of bears invading your property. We offer quality products and services that will serve you for long without a need for replacement. We also give discounts to customers doing a an acre and more of fencing.