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Real estate is a profitable long term investment that also gives you constant and steady cash flow when you invest in rental property. This however doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with any downsides or disadvantages. The downsides are a few and when done right real estate investment is among the best if not the very best investment option that you can take. Here are some of the major downsides to a real estate investment.  

High investment costs – to be able to invest in real estate you need to have quite a large sum of money or have a good credit score to be able to get the mortgage from the bank. This is actually the biggest reason why many investors interested in real estate investment are not able launch their careers. 

Regular expenses – to keep your rental income appealing to the customers, regular maintenance is required. Maintenance cost can be high depending on what needs to be changed or repaired and this eats into your profit and cash flow.   

Low Liquidity – it takes time to sell a property or land to get the money you need as compared to other investment options like stocks that you can buy and sell in a matter of minutes. Real estate requires you to be patient when you need to liquidate your assets. However when you liquidate you can always be sure that you will get a good amount of money and also a huge profit since real estate appreciates. 

Management – when you have a real estate property you need a team to manage things for you. There is a lot that needs to be done from filing real estate taxes, maintenance of the property, insurance and so much more. Getting help from a team of accountants, appraisers, clerks, agents and so many other people will ensure that things run smoothly and that you do not overwork yourself. This however also means you will be spending more eating on your profits.  

It might take time to recover from a deal gone bad – investing in real estate means that you are putting down quite a large sum of money down to acquire the property whether it is land or a rental property. Sometimes there are many inefficiencies during this buying period that might push you to make a bad decision when purchasing property only to learn later on that the property will need extra work to become what you expected it to be. Recovering from a bad deal can take you a very long time a matter of even decades to recover your money.  

To be a successful real estate investor you have to be able to leverage these disadvantages of real estate investment and the advantages alike to have the upper hand Mortgage brokers Vancouver  

Looking for a place in Quebec might be a very confusing to the strangers. Many people are not familiar with terms used to refer sizes of apartments in the area. The terms will help you to get the size of the apartment you may want after looking into various apartments. This city has a lot of rental houses but it can take you more time getting an apartment of exact size you want. An example of the term used is like “1/2”; which refers to the bathrooms also known as “half room”. 

1 ½ apartments  

It is also referred to as bachelor, studio apartment, a 2-room apartment or an efficiency. This kind of apartment has single large room with kitchen and half room. The bathroom are small and located near the sitting room. This apartment is more suitable for single individual but people that want to leave as roommates also it may suite them.  

2 ½ apartment  

Some of these apartments are L shaped. It is a small one bedroom apartment. Has a separate bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Some of these apartments have small open alcove attached to the living room, with a separate kitchen and bathroom. 2 ½ apartments are also known as alcove studios. This also suits one person. 

3 ½ apartment  

It is similar to regular one-bedroom apartment but they differ slightly. It is large to contain a separate bedroom, living room, bathroom and full kitchen. It is also called junior bedroom or convertible studio. This kind of apartment varies in size from one building to another. It is suitable to those wants to leave alone or having a small family.  

4 ½ apartment  

It is a two-bedroom apartment. This kind of apartments have a living room, bathroom and kitchen which might be not separate. The living room, bathroom and bedrooms often vary widely. The living is wider than the rest followed by bedrooms then kitchen.  

5 ½ apartment  

It is similar to two-bedroom apartment but this has additional bedroom. It is also called convertible 3-bedroom. 5 ½ apartment has two bedrooms with living room, dining room and a kitchen. It is good for those who have big family or have quest.  

Apartment 6 ½ and above  

Contains three or four bedrooms and above. It is also known as Classic 6. 6 ½ apartment consist of two full bedrooms, single smaller bedroom, a dining room, living room and separate kitchen. This even can accommodate extended families, workers and guests.  

In conclusion, having these type of the apartment it is easy to ask a landlord which type you’re in need of. From the above information, some of the apartments differ slightly. Apartments in Quebec have features that differ from the sizes. The layout will enable you to focus on the size you need.  

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