There are many types of cheese, but many people do not know how to keep it fresh for long. If your cheese lasts for quite some time, because of improper storage, you can cut the mold. But why go to that point when you can use the cheese paper to handle it? Are you still interested? Let’s check it out.

Why use cheese paper?

First, let’s know why you should use cheese paper and not any other material. Using plastic wraps suffocates the cheese and makes it devoid of flavor. Usually, cheese emits a natural flavor. Wrapping it in a plastic bag or wrapper not only suffocates it but also denies it adequate air circulation. The result is just as bad as ammonia’s pungent smell in your fridge. Also, wrapping it too loose makes it hard and crunchy outside. Therefore, the best way to store cheese with cheese paper is to wrap it moderately.

Why cheese paper is the best

Cheese paper and cheese bags are the best materials to store cheese. It is porous, thus protecting the cheese from extreme moisture to prevent drying. This is important to help it breathe and also a good investment. Generally, cheese paper is a two-ply material with a thin and porous plastic material, making it the best way to store cheese with cheese paper.

The material is also coated with wax to prevent moisture absorption from the external environment, mitigating the crunchy nature of most left-out cheese. The moisture will only wick but not escape to ensure taste preservation. The cheese paper lasts for two weeks through proper maintenance, and you can make several folds from it before placing your cheese in the refrigerator. 

Alternatives for cheese paper

It is pretty apparent to miss out on finding cheese paper because they are rare, and the manufacturers are few. However, you can use alternatives like the combination of parchment papers and partially sealed plastic bags. Put the cheese in parchment paper and wrap it in a partial plastic bag. 

The parchment paper will be a barrier between the chees and the plastic bag, while the plastic bag keeps it from getting dry. Another option is to cut the cheese into slices, wrap them up on paper and return them in an enclosed bag. It is also among the best way to store cheese with cheese paper.


You can store cheese in many ways, but using cheese paper has always been the best way of doing it. If you don’t have cheese paper, please use parchment paper and a sealed plastic bag to keep it fresh and make it last long without losing taste.

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